Merry Christmas

Among gifts and cheer and food and drink
It is easy to lose sight of things and forget to think
Christmas is about giving, at least for me
But  some people cannot see,
beyond the material things or spirituality

I do not celebrate the holiday
I celebrate those I hold dear
My reasons are not religious
nor am I a wealthy man
I cannot shower people in gifts

But I can give a part of me
and wish yee the best with a smile
I give onto you the gift of thought
I shall hold you in mine
and wish you nought

But the very best.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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13 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Hehe, I knew it, when I post something and it all just disappears, it’s all in the spam… :P :D

  2. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Found them!

  3. Fredrik Kayser says:

    They did? o:

  4. I think my last comments landed gracefully in your spam… :P

  5. Fredrik Kayser says:

    It is indeed. :)

  6. :) I’ll be waiting for your posts. And I’ll be writing some myself. Christmas is a great time. ;)

  7. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Haha, i’ll be gone from december 1 until new year’s. Chances are that there will be a stream of new posts coming when I get back. :)

  8. Wow, so far away from home! But I’m sure you’ll have a great time there. :) :D
    I was joking, of course you write when and if you can. I will be happy to read your posts anytime. I usually have connection wherever I am. :)

  9. Fredrik Kayser says:

    If I have internet access there will be one! I can’t promise to post it on time though, since I’ll be in Kenya, Africa :D

  10. :) Lovely indeed!!! And it’s almost a year since you wrote that!!! :D
    On this Christmas I’ll be here waiting for another poem :D

  11. Alexes says:

    Lovely. :)

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