A recent change

New thoughts or old ones in disguise? Does it matter? Probably. One fear I have is repeating myself too much, I worry that I somehow fail to imbue my writing with enough variety and layers. Word counts are easy enough, one quickly spots a recurring word but an idea… an idea is harder to pinpoint and old ones often resurface.

No matter, on to more new(s), got myself a new haircut. But then again it might just be a version of a haircut I’ve had before at some point in the past, can’t really say. Regardless, it is a change and change is always as welcome as it is inevitable, some changes come of our own doing and others on thier own.

If there is such a thing as overthinking (which I sincerely doubt since the notion of using one’s mind too much is just ridiculous) I am probably doing it.


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One Response to A recent change

  1. Nox says:

    No more mullet? //isdisappoint

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