Writing on the morning train

I’m sitting on the train on my way to the school I’m at at the moment, a period of three weeks this time, and I was filled with the sudden urge of writing something. I figured I could try out this new app for WordPress that I installed on my iPhone.

I’ve been awake for two hours, the clock is 6:58 and I’m feeling surprisingly alert. However, I know it to be a trick my mind plays on me, it’ll all come crashing down on me in a few hours since I only managed to get three hours of sleep.

But I digress, I’m rambling.

The point; trying the new app. It works well enough I suppose but it does feel clunky. The app is not as versatile as the website is, how could it be? But it isn’t bad.

Another thing that is very annoying is typing on the iPhone. Not the auto corrector, it has given me surprisingly little grief, but rather the size of the keys… My thumbs are too big and I keep pressing two keys at the same time or the wrong one several times in a row. I’ll have to toy around with the app some more before I can give a just verdict.



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One Response to Writing on the morning train

  1. Alexes says:

    I just laughed so hard. When I used to go places with my friend, he’d have me type addresses in on his iPhone’s GPS, and I used to get so annoyed with it. I’d hit a letter and it wouldn’t read because I didn’t caress the phone just right, or I’d hit two buttons at a time. It usually ended with me flinging the phone at him at a red light.

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