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Fall With Me

About Fall With Me; just a short story I threw together today, felt like addressing the sensation of falling and the exhilaration of things that make you feel alive. I closed my eyes as I fell through eternity. The air … Continue reading

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While waiting

I’m sitting here waiting for the pizza I ordered and I it occurred to me that I wait for a lot of things and often. Now, waiting is considered a waste of time, downtime if you will, so I thought; … Continue reading

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Blue Ink

There is mystery in lines unwritten. What has fate in store beyond your lips upon mine? What other purpose could there be to life beyond the fire you ignited in my blood? I need. I want. I must. I- I … Continue reading

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Time to relax

I’m at home watching a couple of movies and just relaxing. Got the place all to myself for a change, which is nice. It’s oddly dark and quiet when no one else is here. I kid of like it. Recharging … Continue reading

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