Fall With Me

About Fall With Me; just a short story I threw together today, felt like addressing the sensation of falling and the exhilaration of things that make you feel alive.

I closed my eyes as I fell through eternity. The air rushed against my skin, streams, ripples through time. Gravity, the constant pull that accelerates me into motion; I’m weightless as I fall. The beauty of forever falling is the thrill of the drop and the anticipation of the impact with the inevitable.

I closed my eyes as I plummeted through the black clouds on your horizon. I shivered as the rain of your sorrow washed over me and I smiled when I gazed back and saw the hole I had punched through your stormy sky as the sun warmed my face through it all. I smiled because I knew that you’d fall with me. The beauty of forever falling…

I closed my eyes as I stopped trying to steer and splintered away from you like a ricochet from a broken bullet. I would tumble for time indeterminable refusing to open up my eyes in denial of the obsidian sky beneath my back, a vile tempest, a gaping maw of destruction. The beauty of forever falling… is that it allows a man to forget.

Even as I fall, not fighting back, not struggling against the inevitable, I let go. I’ve only just opened my eyes again and blinking I try to see through the rain as it falls down alongside me. It is strange, to be surrounded by so much rain but not being touched by it.

Is it so strange that it makes me feel alive? Is that perhaps why I keep throwing myself off that ledge? In the end I’ll probably always enjoy the fall, but I wonder how many times I can recover from crashing down. It doesn’t matter.

I may hardly ever land on my feet when I come crashing down into the ground, sometimes I even leave a smouldering crater. But I was built sturdy, getting back up is what I’m good at. I don’t know your name or if you even exist, but I’ll ask none the less. Next time I jump, next time I fall through eternity…

Fall with me?


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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