The Nature of a Soul is the Soul of Nature

Recently I have been exploring areas of thought that I have spent many evenings trying to understand. The nature of a Soul, what is it really? Is it what gives life its sanctity? Does everything have a soul?

Now, you might wonder why I have been spending so much energy and time on something like this, and to that I cannot really say that I have a good answer. I can, however, say that it is in part because of my desire to understand Everything.

What then is a Soul? Is it sentience? Consciousness? In short, the mind? But perhaps the mind and our awareness is simply a consequence of our souls, if so, what are they then?

We have become disconnected, as a species, from the earth we came from. Technological and scientific advancement has made us masters of our environment instead of subservient to it. We are well on our way of terraforming the entire planet. It is because of our breaking that primitive, primal connection that we find ourselves in constant conflict with mother nature as well as ourselves.

I think a little differently compared to most westerners when it comes to the matter of what a soul is. Well, I think differently on most things, but I digress. Everything in this universe is connected, from us down to the tinest particles. When this world dies, fades into oblivion and vanishes into nothingness what happens to us?

Beyond existence there can be only nothingness, but nothingness is not evil, it is not something bad or frightening. All things, all creatures, have come from nothingness because nothingness is really just like the nothingness of space that contains everything. As we are born into this world from nothing so do we return to nothing, and we do so again and again. We are everything and everything is us – everything is connected – we are all basically nothing.

It is this connection, the universe, everything in it; all the people, good and bad; that is the meaning of a Soul. The world has a soul for it too is a part of the same thing that started it all – our origin.

The moment in which I have felt the most alive was when I was standing atop a mountain gazing down into the valleys below, just observing nature and the playful elements it controls. The touch of a wind sending ripples across the surface of a lake, the rustling leaves of an entire forest, swaying, united in a whispering chorus.

I felt alive because I felt in touch with my environment, I was connected. It is only when  my soul – the part of everything that is me, my mind, as I see it behind my eyes – is in touch with everything else that I feel truely alive, as if I belong. Not nature’s master nor mastered by it. Nature is me and I am it, how can I be controlled by what is in essence memy soul?

When you understand that we are not really here, that we are only more likely to be here than not, then you will better understand how I think.


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Everything is connected.
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