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Fiddler’s Green

The sun was shining, casting its golden rays upon the green where flowers danced in the wind. A young girl with bare feet danced merrily across the grass dressed in pure white. On the field there stood a fiddler dressed … Continue reading

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The dawn is encroaching on my night-time reverie A touch of summer in the warm, stale air not a longing for colder days But a desire for longer nights Darkness does not equal evil it is serene, tranquil, mysterious and … Continue reading

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To find beauty in things you can’t understand

I don’t speak a single word of italian but I fell in love with this song even before I tried finding a translation of the lyrics. Beautiful song beautifully sung.

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Sounds of Life

There is a sound that can only be heard as the faintest of whispers. It is a sound that reverberates through you, moving you, provoking you to feel, to laugh, to cry, to smile and remember. It is a sound … Continue reading

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The Price of Freedom

About: This is a short story inspired by a series of soundtracks made by Epic Score, it is about a young boy who discovers the cost of his freedom. The haggard breathing of a young peasant boy disrupts the peaceful … Continue reading

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