Sounds of Life

There is a sound that can only be heard as the faintest of whispers. It is a sound that reverberates through you, moving you, provoking you to feel, to laugh, to cry, to smile and remember. It is a sound that rides the waves as the pebbles of grief disrupts the surface of the pond that is your soul. It is a sound that hides within the wind as it stealthily steals a kiss placed upon naked skin. Goose bumps. Close your eyes and listen as countless drops of water fall out of the sky and hear your soul blissfully reply.

And so I listen for that subtle but powerful melody that empowers a lover’s words with a hint of euphoria. In a rush of inspiration I believe, for a moment, that I can hear it clearly.  It is a heartening feeling. A sense of hope comes with listening to the sounds of life.




About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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One Response to Sounds of Life

  1. damls says:

    beautiful post. I like it very much.

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