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Favourite Place

Rondane, Norway, 2009 This picture was taken about three years ago. The place, Rondane, Norway. I was 19 years old at the time and fresh out of school with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. … Continue reading

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Exploring more thoughts

I woke this morning feeling rather tired and lacking all what motivation is to do anything. I gave serious thought to the option of just staying home all day and skipping class at uni. At around lunch time I had … Continue reading

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The days were cold when we wandered over the mountains. We had no destination, we just followed our feet. He would look at me, smiling. His silence speaking volumes. He was never one to squander words, we are alike that … Continue reading

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It’s better with hot chocolate

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There is beauty in light, radiant but blinding. There is beauty in darkness, all-encompasing but hidden. Beauty has as many shapes as it has forms. Beauty has but one quality that holds true regardless of form. It is said to exist only in … Continue reading

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A touch of Red

A swirling grey mass overhead The colours slowly fade to grey Washed away as the skies open And weep for all lonely hearts That have yet to be blessed With a touch of Red.

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