There is beauty in light, radiant but blinding.
There is beauty in darkness, all-encompasing but hidden.
Beauty has as many shapes as it has forms.
Beauty has but one quality that holds true regardless of form.
It is said to exist only in the eyes, of the beholder.
Blinding or obscured; If we are blind or blinded,
how can we at all know the true face of beauty?

To see with eyes closed,
Breathing in the winds of spring and autumn,
Dancing underneath the darkened skies of the night, bathed in moonlight,
Listening to the sound of thundering hearts as they drum in unified rhythm,
Summer’s warmth and winter’s chill…

… it is the silence that follows that holds the answer.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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One Response to Beautiful

  1. Wonderful poem!!!! :)

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