Favourite Place

Rondane, Norway, 2009

This picture was taken about three years ago. The place, Rondane, Norway. I was 19 years old at the time and fresh out of school with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It’s a little funny, even though only three years have passed it feels as if this was an eternity ago, the person I was back then feels equally distant.

I still do not know what I want to do with my life, sure, I know what I probably will be doing in the coming ten or fifteen years but I’m still not sure of what I actually want. I often think back on my time up on that mountain, living with my grandparents in their cabin for a couple of weeks. I don’t know if the landscape seems inviting to you, but for me there’s a certain magical feeling associated with the place. It is perhaps one of those things that have to be experienced.

If life would have it that you somehow end up finding yourself there with me, I’d be more than happy to show what it is I’m talking about and I believe that you would see it as well. Nature’s soul.


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8 Responses to Favourite Place

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Definately. :)

  2. I am just the same, I feel old too, despite my biological age…
    And yes, it is love for nature and it’s quiet. I guess we think a lot and nature is the place where we can collect our thoughts… :)

  3. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Someone once told me that I have an old soul. It is a thought that has stuck with me for a very long time. Nature is where I can hear my own thoughts, my own soul, the best. Guess that’s why I’m in love with it.

  4. Beautiful! :) Picture and post. Nature’s soul and your soul.
    Don’t worry about what to do in life, it will all become clear oneday. When I was 19 I was the same.
    Also the more time passes the more you will feel the diference between being 18/19 and being 20/25/30… You will feel a big diference in your energy level, way of thinking, seeing life… It will get easier and mostly better…
    Growing older and becoming mature is sometimes a painful process. Going out in nature can do you a lot of good. You are lucky to have that place of retreat away from the crazy world. I also live at the moment away from the turmoil of the city, next to a forest. It’s a good place to live, it heals your soul and sediments your thinking. :)
    Enjoy the nature whenever you can. ;)

  5. nephiriel says:

    “Nature’s soul.”
    that certainly captures it. wonderful.

  6. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Thank you!

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