Tears: Water trickling out the windows of your soul

What are we if not interlocking ripples across the surface of the sea of time? Why can we not see beyond the swirling mist that obscures eternity? We are blind, lost in the mist and a veil of mist it is. Perhaps that is why we only see what is worth seeing when we close our eyes and  gaze inward. What do you see in the dark? Does the mist frighten you into blind submission or can you face it with a stare that reveals the true face of nothingness?

I close my eyes and I listen for that melody, the song which resonates within my soul like only strong emotions can. A song with the familiarity of a dear old friend amidst it’s intriguing novelty. A melancholy tune that provokes tears of sadness and empathy but not only tears that sting, there is always a hint of hope mixed into the salt of the endless sea.

Sadness, grief, loneliness – rainfall descending from grey heavens, drops upon thousands of drops hammering down onto the ground, the foundation of all that is joy. There is a reason why we cry, not only out of sadness but also out of joy. It isn’t our love for rain but our need unite the earth and the sky, the two star-crossed lovers that fate so cruelly separated. It is through tears that we bind hearts together, so i welcome these drops upon my cheeks as the connection to the eternal that they are.

The river flowing out of our souls leads back all the way to the beginning. It matters not which lifetime or age we were born into, we are each and every one of us connected by that which makes us human – that undefinable something our minds can only grasp at, a sense of overwhelming beauty, the eternal soul dancing into infinity.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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