The room is dark.
I hear the midnight-knell,
And wonder for whom the bell tolls.
Things linger in old places,
Especially houses.
I can almost feel them,
The memories anchored to this place.
I needn’t be afraid,
You are here with me.
I’m curious.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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7 Responses to Spectres

  1. Exactly… :lol: ;)

  2. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Indeed! What is life without a bit of mystery? ^^

  3. Well I have no idea why people in general are so horrified by the idea of souls/spirits. They cannot do harm to us because they are in another dimension, the immaterial one. Most of them as you say, are very peaceful.
    I believe we have all a soul and that this material life is only a stage in our spiritual evolution. So by thinking this I am admitting as well that death does not really exist, that it is only a gate towards another dimension. There are maybe several lives that we have/had/will have, and there is a lesson we must learn.
    Great poem. :)

  4. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Yes, it is. :) I saw her a lot more often in my teens, but she’s appearing more and more now after a long absence. I see her as a bit of a guide, perhaps even more than that. ^^
    Thank you! Glad to hear it ^^

  5. Absolutely beautiful. :)
    Is is a friendly spirit the one in the poem? I love the poems you write, they are profound.
    Not to say that your vocabulary is so beautiful, I always learn new English words from you. :D

  6. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Thank you, Paul!

  7. So much said in so few words. Powerful. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Paul

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