Loving a Valkyrie

Sudden and unexpected danger
your heart thunders in your throat
the sound of your heart throbbing in your skull
like Tor himself fighting for order in chaos.

In that moment where everything except you
moves a thousand miles a second
adrenaline burning like some acid in your blood
and you hold on to whatever scrap of sanity you can reach.
Loke will fuck with your mind if you let him.

It’s in that moment of impending death
that you see old One-eye himself
looking at you with stern disapproval
what son of his would die so easily?

And so the anger is ignited
born in the fire of burning blood
you refuse to accept that today
is the day fate chose for you to fall.

But what can a man do
when he courts a Valkyrie?
That kind of love will eventually get you killed
but oh what sweet love it is.

Only a fool would claim
he is not afraid.
Fear does not make the coward
it is giving in, yielding to fear that does.

Your heartbeat slows down
you find your breath once more
and the world goes back to its normal pace
but feels as if it’s crawling by in slow motion.

If you do not fight for life
how can you claim to deserve it?


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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