Dancing in the Shade

Lately I’ve had a character visit my thoughts very often, his name is Lukas. As some of you probably noticed, Lukas has appeared in a number of posts recently. They’re turning into a sort of series of short stories. As things stand right now, I don’t think Lukas is done with me just yet so there are at least one or two more coming. If you’re curious about who this character is feel free to have a look at the previous parts of this story.

  1. In the Shadows Where We Hide
  2. It is the Rain that Binds Us
  3. Please, Just Get Me Out of Here
  4. I Guess I really am an Idiot
  5. There is a Difference Between Being Alive and Truly Living

Below follows the 6th installment, one of the shortest ones so far I’m afraid. Hope you Enjoy!


Dancing in the Shade

The sun was shining bright and strong and the air was thick with the scents of flowers and summer. Lukas was laying in the grass only half aware of his surroundings. He had managed to occupy one of the more secluded spots in the park that was the city’s green heart. It had always been a place of refuge for him. Ophelia was sitting on a blanket nearby, a book in her hands and a basket filled with food and drink beside her.

For those who did not know him very well it would not have been obvious but there was something he wore, a hint of something that was growing on him ever so slightly. It was the faintest of hints at a smile that had not simply been glued onto his lips. Fragile though it was, the smile he wore touched his eyes as well. Lukas gazed up at the scant few clouds that dotted the bright, blue skies above and thought for a moment that he could see the future in those scattered cotton-like formations.

“Lukas,” Ophelia said after a while. She was still holding the book she had been reading in one hand, a finger marking the page she was currently on. “Let’s eat, I’m getting a little hungry.”

At first he didn’t move. He waited, allowed the moment he had found himself in to linger and then fade before joining Ophelia. The moment he sat down on the blanket he mentally reprimanded himself and consciously lowered the barriers surrounding his heart that automatically shot up.

As they ate, fancy sandwiches she had either prepared herself or bought, Lukas didn’t know which but neither did it matter. He was just happy to share something with her. Something to eat and a glass of white wine in the sun was like balm to his tired soul and scarred heart. His eyes travelled from the glass in his left hand to Ophelia and then back again several times. For some reason the clear liquid mesmerised him and for some reason he just couldn’t stop looking at her.

Lukas shook his head at his helplessness. “Thank you,” he suddenly said and saw something he had not seen before. Ophelia was blushing. His heart skipped a beat. He diverted his eyes. “For everything,” he continued.

For a short moment the silence between them was deafening but thankfully it did not last very long. As if by mutual understanding they both agreed to store that moment in their hearts and cherish it for what it was without trying to prolong or analyse it. Lukas found himself surprised at how easy it was to have a normal conversation with Ophelia. He had never had trouble talking when he had to talk, his surprise came more from his eagerness to speak with her. Her thoughts intrigued him.

Ophelia and Lukas had begun to dance the dance and they would continue to dance across the meadow of tentative courtship for quite a while. The summer was in the air but clouds of doubt lingered in their sky. But dance they did, even in the shade.

I don’t want to turn my back on this, Lukas thought. I’ve walked away for the last time. I’ll find a reason of my own. I’ll learn to live for myself, somehow. I don’t want to be that guy anymore.



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