Sex, kisses and love

Love knows you,
she would always say whenever I,
was my flirtatious self.
But you don’t know her.

The way you love isn’t really love,
she would always persist whenever I,
tried to explain my passionate eyes.
You’re in love with love, not them.

It pains me to admit,
that she was right.
Fast, intense heat,
overcome with lust and desire,
lovers riding waves of passion ~
But never knowing love.

When you kiss you sell your soul,
she would always complain,
when we shared an intimate moment.
But you hide your heart behind walls of stone.

It pains me to admit,
that she was right.
The love I thought I knew,
superficial inferno,
nothing ~
but hot sex.

So I tore down the walls I had built,
and I let the fire in my hear turn into embers.
Love had always known me,
but I was a stranger to her touch.

Caught off guard,
afraid and nervous.
Heart beating fast,
blood on fire.
Soul ablaze,
with naked desire.

I am open,
but endlessly bold.

I want to know her,
the way she has always known me.



About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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2 Responses to Sex, kisses and love

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Thank you, Ela! :)

  2. Intimate and gorgeous. Love’s dream, love’s expectation, love’s embrace, they are all gorgeous and alive…The poem is amazing Fredrik and this look in your eyes speaks novels.
    You are bold indeed to post this beauty.

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