TtGIF – thank the gods it’s Friday

There are seven days to a week and each day we gave in tribute to the Gods.

Måndag we gave to Måne who pulls the moon across the sky in his chariot keeping it safe from wolves.

Tisdag we gave to Týr whose bravery is unequaled.

Onsdag we gave to Oden for he is the Allfather and highest of the gods.

Torsadag we gave to Tor, the god of thunder who brings order in chaos and watches over the harvest with his wife Sif.

Fredag we gave to Freja and Frej for none else know so well the mysteries of romance, love, sex and passion.

Lördag we dedicated to all the gods and we would bathe and make ourselves clean on this day of cleansing.

Söndag we gave to Sol, who like her brother Måne rides across the sky. It is her fate to pull the sun across the vast skies of the nine realms.

Today I raise my glass in tribute to Freja and Frej for it is Friday and a day meant for celebration and festivities!


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