Rött och Guld, a translation

A silent rain fell on the night that she left her home
and from the city square she heard the clock strike five
Now there was no way back, she could never return
Now all bridges were burned, it was now it was going to happen

And so she put her golden-red hair in a hair tie
She breathed in the first time in for years
Before her lay the city drenched in grime, slush and smoke
and behind her lay a farewell note in a polished kitchen

A calm rain struck against the window this hail-hard autumn
He was awakened by his heart cramping in his chest
He had heard how someone called, he had not dreamt
A voice from the past he thought he had forgotten

The woman next to him in the bed slept as if nothing had happened
when he clad himself, snuck out and left the outer door ajar
When he had begun to walk his heart began to beat once more
on the wall of his tenement house somone had written the words:

There is nothing to wait for

In a curtain of mist struggled a valiant sunrise
She saw on the ground on a desolate platform (at a train station)
The air was crystals, light and high and cool,
And in the distance she heard a steamengine’s spewing signal

On the other side of the track burned a tree in red and gold
she felt no regret, she felt no remorse
there was nothing to explain, there was nothing to understand
the only thing remaining were the words she had left behind:

There is nothing to wait for
There is nothing to wait for

He came wandering along the track like a wet and freezing dog
she lay there and said ‘there you are, I have been here a while’
it had once again begun to rain and now it poured down (heavily)
He fell into her arms and said  “I can’t do it anymore

“I have tried to do the right thing, what is expected out of me
not a night has gone by where I haven’t dreamed of you
In the orderly and calm have I sought my safe solace
Every autumn I have sought through ever wind for your voice

And I thought it was over, that everything was past
I built up a life but was emptied inside
we well never be forgiven, we’re doomed to die I know
but I’d rather die then long for you in secrecy”

And they saw the final train that would ever leave
and they saw only two choices, throw themselves in front or on board
they dreamt in red and golden, although the autmn sky was gray
and they tenderly kissed each other in a rain that sang for them both:

There is nothing to wait for
There is nothing to wait for
There is nothing to wait for
There is nothing to wait for


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2 Responses to Rött och Guld, a translation

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Was happy to. I always say that Loke’s a genius when people ask, hehe. His music is gorgeous! :)

  2. Amazing …. Thank you for translating this. :)

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