Fire and Water

I try to paint this hope you lit in me in words,
But words are like water,
There’s always a current.

Try as I might to grab them,
They slip through the grasp,
of desperate hands.

So I take a deep breath and I submerge myself,
I give myself to the currents,
And I am not afraid anymore.

True, you make me nervous,
I feel like a clumsy teenage boy,
My body is trembling from you touch.

Deeper and deeper,
The currents pull me down,
Surface ablaze far above.

Because to me,
You’re fire burning on water,
My blood is hot from your touch.

To hear your voice,
To hold you close,
To share a kiss ~
In the face of fear you have made me bold.

To be so cruelly separated,
Distance, an ocean wide and blue,
Blue is how I feel,
Metallic heart beating,
Living steel.

Time does not fly,
It is a cruel pendulum,
Swaying slowly, ever so slowly…
For a year or more.

But there is a fire burning,
And on it I throw my soul,
Fuel for the flames,
That warm my heart.

I am afraid again,
But I don’t know why,
The only thing that matters,
Is that I know I will try.

For you I will try.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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