The favour I asked of Väderfölne

There are moments when I can’t wait until I get to fall asleep,
I wish sleep would come sooner.
I wish sleep would come to me on tender wings,
So that I may dream you into this moment lying next to me.
I have called upon ancient powers,
Asked them to guide me,
Show me how I can make it so.
With a soul brimming with power I will dream us into tomorrow and beyond.
I am a son of the Northern lands,
Who like my ancestors,
Gaze across the vast silver-blue, watery expanse,
And dream of finding a different shore than my own.
I shout your name into the wind,
I bid Väderfölne carry the oath I swore across the ocean,
Where by the wingbeats of his master the mighty eagle at the top of the world,
My words will reach you.
There is magic in words, my love.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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