Come the winter solstice,
Sol returns to us once more,
and relieved we light her way,
with fires burning bright.
But we must always be wary,
of ferocious Skoll,
whose hunger drives him,
in endless puirsuit,
until the twilight of the gods.

Come Yule,
and hear the hounds of Odin,
bark in the night,
The Gods ride tonight,
let us join them ~
in the Wild Hunt!
The fool should stay his tongue,
keep his laughter to himself,
or vanish with the host,
the target of his mockery.

The Black Hound barks,
into the dark of night,
arest upon neighbouring hearth.
If not by wit or cunning ~
you remove it can:
Tend to it with respect,
for a year,
until such is won.

Creatures roam the night,
speaking trollish words,
on thurs’s tongue ~
Odin, Frej, and Njord,
in pursuit they ride,
The Wild Hunt,
is on.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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