Travel, search, Spiritwalk

I like to travel, I always have. Perhaps it reminds me of the hunt a little, the thrill and excitement of the search for something. It could also be that I have never really had the chance to grow roots. Traveling within Scandinavia is exciting even though this is the land of my birth and my ancestors. The roads are framed with forests, valleys, mountains and fjords. Mist descends upon the world of men and brings with it all the magic of old, things only remembered trough folk tales and myth.

Perhaps it is not so strange that it would be on a day such as this one I discovered the name of my guardian and guide. She’s been with me for as long as I can remember. I see her like a waking dream walking amongst us.

I’m being pulled, pulled back in time. That is in itself nothing new, but I’m regressing farther back than I have before. The visions are more vivid, the taste of blood more palpable, and the presence of Earthmother a lot stronger. I’m seeing The First, or at least I am beginning to. I’m closing in on the answer I have always been seeking.

Who am I?



About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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