Pray tell, Milady,
what doth mine reflection betray,
What manner of man,
Canst thou see
Within a blade’s edge mirror?
A reflection imbued,
By steel and the sword’s own fortitude ~
A man good of heart?

The mirror’s truth, Sir Knight,
Doth mine eyes behold,
What manner of good might in deceit be seen?
For such is the nature of thine reflection,
A profane mimicry of the truth,
And a harbinger of steel’s cold kiss,
An instrument of death masquerading as mine kind protector.
I see naught but pain’s promise,
And death’s premise.

May I then ask instead,
Milady fairest,
That you cast thine eyes upon mine shield,
And tell me what truths it might yield?
A stalwart heart, surely so,
And perchance a man resolute ~
In his ceaseless vigil?

Put aside thoughts of reflection,
I beg of you.
Sheath your blade and do away,
with armour, weapon, and shield.
Kindness and warmth of heart,
Is to what you should yield.

I beg forgiveness,
but I cannot give what you ask of me.
How would I protect that which dearest I hold,
If I lay down arms and my armour sold?

Forgive my laughter and hear my plea,
Who could in need of protection be,
From love out of all things,
Is what I ask of thee?
Love and thou shalt be loved.

If only I shared thine warm faith,
In thine next, kindred, and neighbour.
Yet the kindest of hearts,
Beat their contempt with subtlety,
And darker secrets keep.

Doth not the moon come and go?
Is not sun shrouded by clouds,
And veiled in rain?
The eye cannot behold,
The true light of sun or moon,
When the heart with mistrust is cold.
If conquering the world is your wish, Sir Kinght,
Heed my words and take them to heart.
In order to change your kingdom,
You must first change yourself.

You have my thanks, and blessed be,


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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  1. Josefin says:

    Thank you.

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