I don’t want you to go

Never in my wildest dreams,
Did I think that it would hit me this hard.
I got into the car,
And closed the door,
You told me not to cry,
But I couldn’t hold it anymore.
My eyes are bloodshot,
I’ve got a rock in my throat,
And my cheeks streaked with salt.
I want to speak,
But do not trust my voice won’t break,
Or that I could find the words.
To think that an airport can send this heart of mine fluttering,
But also lacerate it.
I tell myself there’s nothing to an ocean,
I need to believe that it can be overcome,
Through devotion.
I write this for you,
But also for my own sake.
I have to express this somehow,
I need to share.
Keeping it in would be more than I could bear.
The whispers of doubt I once heard,
Are crushed under the weight of this mountain,
And Atop its spire I find my silver lining~
The pain reassures me,
That what I feel is real.

To my beloved girlfriend, Grace, the future is ours.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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One Response to I don’t want you to go

  1. Grace says:

    You have my eternal love and loyalty : ) <3 – Fredrik, the greatest man in the world.

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