Traditional Chinese Music: Your Collar

Ever since I met my girlfriend, Grace, my fascination with Chinese has grown. The language, the history, the starkly different culture, it is all very mesmerising. About the song itself, I’ll just shamelessly copy the information given over at youtube and leave it here:

“Based on Han Dynasty “the Western Han (207 BCE — 9 CE) and Eastern Han (25–220 CE).” folk songs in, Xianghe Song, Lapel is a music form developed in the traditions of Pre-Qin Dynasty and Chu music. Lapel was first recorded in Book of Jin-Music.

The traditional singer accompanied himself on a drum, while an orchestral instrument was played at the same time, and so it got its name. Lapel came from Book of Odes-Zheng Feng, which describes a young lady revealing her love to her admirer.

The snippets of remembrances in the lyrics express the emotions with references to the collar of traditional clothing, extending the feelings through recollection.

This song is in the tradition of the ancient rhymes of the Spring and Autumn periods rendered in the folk music melodies of that time.”


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