Past Life

We used to gaze up after dark, looking at the sky.
They were up there, the spirits, and our ancestors.
We looked to them for advice, sought their help during the hunt.
When they roared in fury and struck down at the ground, they gave us fire.
We learned to be fearful of their anger, for although it kept us warm…
It could also devour us.
She came to us one night, visiting Shaman in his dream.
Spirit called herself Fire, and thus we honored her as such.
She told Shaman how she had been brought down to us, by her brother,
Fire would invite us to dance.
In her warmth I saw, for the first time, what was to come.
I offered her a piece of me.
After accepting my tribute, those of me that would come after would always know.
Fire and blood would call to blood.
Fire still speaks to the one who came after.
And through her, so do I.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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