Who is Loki anyway?

The Story of the Four

Dedicated to Professor David L. Miller

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Father of Monsters. Father of Hel.

Bloodbrother and Benchmate of Odin.

Clever. Deep-minded god of plunder.

Giant’s Son and God of 1,000 Masks.

Such are just but a few of the many kennings for Loki the famous and (it seems to me) quite popular god of Norse mythology.

But who is Loki?

“Hardly a monograph, article, or encyclopedic entry,” writes professor Stefanie von Schnurbein, does not begin with reference to Loki as a staggeringly complex, confusing, and ambivalent figure who has been the catalyst for countless unresolved controversies and has elicited more problems than solutions” (109).

Is there a better description than Loki than one that explicitly states that even discussions of him result in controversy and more problems than solutions? Does that not exemplify Loki to a tee?

While scholars debate Loki, Loki is, in the popular imagination, a typical trickster…

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