There are those who claim,
that love cannot be expressed in words.
There are those who claim,
That a poet can never speak the truth because what she speaks is undefinable.

Love is a lot of things,
It is what makes a docile writer capable of murder,
Capable of sacrificing a whole score of people,
For a single life.
Love is not murder and death,
But something more valuable than life itself.
To protect I would die,
To protect I would kill,
To forget is to die,
And lose the will to live.

Love is being able to die,
So that another can live on,
And love is the reason the living,
For the sake of the dead ~
Have to be strong.
Love is loyalty,
Faithful dedication,
And sometimes involving complete disregard for self preservation.

To protect you I would kill,
To protect you I would die,
But never abandon my will to live ~
Love is the strength to endure,
Torturous distance.
Love is uprooting the mountain,
Of resistance.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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2 Responses to Rant

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:


  2. Grace says:

    beautiful you haunts my being
    gentle and warm, the morning sun
    honey dew caresses
    I drink greedily, more than promised
    a soft chuckle your reply
    A distraction.
    oft lit shadows cast aglow
    surprise on their faces and mine
    empty coffers, fidgeting hands
    Danger. I lost my key.
    thousands of needles
    a crimson haze
    the sharp taste of iron on my lips
    heart strained, body heavy
    Everything is askew. I must contain it.
    your arms – mine, protective clench
    No, face it.
    my wounds – yours, wondrous salvation
    your blood, my prince.
    an intermingling of us
    a throbbing rhythmic longing
    and mutual deliverance
    It is familiar, this feeling.
    cascading points of light
    of whose only we discern
    your whispers tingle
    like melting snowflakes
    Shh your voice is loud in me.
    cyclical reward of our oath
    permanence retained
    your knowing smile
    my flashing eyes
    You took my key (nyummm?!)!
    your bright energy envelops me
    Ahh that feeling. I am home.

    An eternal promise : ).

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