The Woman I Love

About: A little something I’d like to dedicate to the woman in my life.

There had been so many thoughts tormenting him for such a long time that he no longer could tell what the pain felt like. It had become familiar, in the same sense breathing was familiar and only felt when he became aware of the fact that he was breathing. Everyone carried something with them, everyone had their own muted aches. Right now his chest was heaving and minuscule beads of sweat decorated his body like ornamental pearls that infused his body with a wet glisten in the calm lamps illuminating their home in the evening darkness. It came over him unexpectedly, a surge of emotion welling up from within him, making his face hurt from a smile he had no control over. His eyes watered and his heart reverberated in his ribcage, rattling the bones in his chest.

At the root of everything was her. He had never really believed in the power love held over people, he had always thought them false pretenders and vain hypocrites. Yet there he stood wearing only a pair of boxers madly in love with a woman he could only describe as the epitome of beauty and intelligence, and the incarnation of everything he had thought impossible. No matter how he searched he could never find words that adequately described her. Whenever he tried he couldn’t shake the feeling that he himself was false. That he wasn’t enough. It was a source of great frustration, frustration that in turn fuelled his need to move. He couldn’t be still, so he exercised. Thus the sweat.

Just as he was in the process of regaining his breath she entered the living room. Her eyes locked onto the towel under him, slowly travelling upwards. It fascinated him, how she always seemed to tremble when she saw him naked or near enough. Seeing her reaction, seeing her smiling eyes banished any and all doubts he might carry when he was alone. The familiar shudder triggered something in him, a need of sorts. If she had asked him to kill someone in that very moment, he would have.

She half ran half stumbled over to him. Steadying the beautiful creature tumbling into his arms with all the strength he possessed, they embraced. The strength he employed was not solely the strength of his arms, but also the strength of his heart. That he was sweaty and reeking did not seem to bother her. Oddly enough, the contrary seemed to be true. Another thing he could never quite understand. He was not going to complain though, the touch of her hands was one of the most intoxicating sensations he knew of.

“Hello my sweet,” he cooed as he panted. “I’m all sweaty and gross, let me clean up first.”

“Nyoo,” she responded playfully. “No escape!”

“No escape,” he laughed. “Have I told you?” he suddenly asked.


“That I love you,” he finished.

“Yes,” she replied beaming up him. “I feel like the most loved person on the planet thanks to you.”

It made him wonder what he had ever done to deserve such praise. In his mind he was just a simple man. On the other hand, he wasn’t stupid enough to question something that clearly made her happy. That’s all he really wanted, seeing her happy. If it was his fate to forever suffer from smile-pained cheeks he would consider himself a very fortunate man.

“I will say it again anyway,” he said and blew air against her skin making fart noises. She laughed and tried to break free until he stopped.

“I love you.”


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6 Responses to The Woman I Love

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Thank you LL! :)

  2. Fredrik Kayser says:

    <3 Gracie

  3. Fredrik Kayser says:


  4. Josefin says:

    Sådär vackert så att ögon tåras.. Jag är så glad för er skull!

  5. luggagelady says:

    Absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful…Cheers to your magical love!!!

  6. Grace says:

    I love you <3


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