Scandinavia, my home (part 1)

There are places that have a heartbeat of their own, voices speaking in the south-bound winds. Along with the chill of the north they speak of things reverberating with your very being, if you only know how to listen. Forest, river, and mountain, roots run deep in the land I call home. Scandinavian is what I am, and I ask only that you take my hand join me for a walk. I’ll let Gaia do the talking.



Set yourself free, breathe the cold air and allow it to wash over your skin. Leave behind the troubles of the daily grind, disconnect from Facebook, Twitter, and phone. Take a breath and reconnect, with the Earthmother once more. Close your eyes and hear your name, whispered by the south-bound winds.




As the seasons shift and the world transforms, so do we change. Take in the scent of moss and pine, and listen to the dancing trees. Take a swim in their sea of green, and rejuvenate your soul.





So come with me for a stroll…

(all photoes taken by me at various locations in Sweden and Norway.)


About Fredrik Kayser

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3 Responses to Scandinavia, my home (part 1)

  1. phoenixgrey85 says:

    Wonderful images. You really do live in a beautiful place. You’re very lucky!

  2. Wow, such lovely pictures! Your home(land) is absolutely gorgeous!
    I think we both had the same idea on the same day, home and picture wise lol :D

  3. aedania says:

    Beautiful areas. Scandinavia is such a wonderful place :) We are lucky to live here.

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