I live therefore I ache

Pain comes in as many forms as you can imagine and hurts for just as many reasons. There’s the constant murmur of chronic pain that settles into numb bones like a persistent ache. There’s the stabbing jolts of damaged ribs as you breathe while trying to fall asleep. There’s the aching cheeks from smiling too intensely as you share a moment with your beloved. Physical pain that annoys, frustrate, and debilitate is perhaps the form I am most used to.

It is a strange thought that flutters around in my head as I find myself kept awake yet again by the aforementioned tormentors. These aching cheeks of mine, ache like my heart does and the cause is the same. As much as I would gladly embrace a good night’s worth of sleep for once there are certain kinds of pain I would not want to part with.

Truth be told, everyone suffers in their own ways, but doesn’t that mean we are pushing the boundaries? Some kinds of pain I believe is life’s way of telling us it recognises our efforts to live to the fullest – and at the same time advising us to slow down, before, you know, the moment passes and all that.

At least that is what I tell myself now that my ribs are keeping me awake and my mind wanders. Good night.


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