Exploration, Culture, Identity

Culture is something that fascinates me, whether it be the lack of a distinct culture or the more colourful ones. Personally, I find that most cultures have aspects I find beautiful or appealing. People all have something to say, after all, do they not? To me it has never been a question of if it would be worth my time to sit down and listen, it has always been when can I make the time? Perhaps my fascination with language partly stems in my fondness of exploring the unfamiliar and often exuberant and brilliant alien world of other people’s normality.

That’s another interesting aspect of culture, the blindness that sometimes occur when we try to look at our own culture. In Sweden, at least, I feel like this is often true. It almost feels like we’re part of a no-culture kind of culture here. Well, we’re gravitating toward one but that may not be a bad thing. As long as it allows more of us to be open and receptive to other cultures, and maybe even adapting parts of them in our own lives.

It could very well be the in the nature of us seekers to look at all of the different answers in an attempt to form our own one where spirituality is concerned. The spiritual is, from where I’m sitting, intimately linked with culture. Both are extremely broad terms, but I’m not going to define them beyond factors that influence the way of life for those belonging or adhering to them.

Where identity is concerned, belonging is important ~
but so is the courage to explore and grow. Without it there’s no breaking out of the mould.


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