The Internet Returns: creativity rant

Internet is back up after having been out for a while and I suppose things have returned to relative normalcy. When it was down I watched a good amount of Sci-Fi and a realisation came to me when I reread what I have been writing on lately.

When my internet connection was down I re-watched some Firefly episodes. Herein lay my realisation. Often when I experience a good story arch or a good set of characters I can’t help but feel the urge to emulate. At least by now I’ve come far enough to recognize it for what it is, but my main issue is trying to make something my own instead of just rehashing the original.

Brings us back to the question that plague me so often: is there such a thing as a completely original story?

Regardless of the answer I believe that all stories that are told well have something of their own. Sometimes that something is strong and characteristic enough to blaze a new trail. If not exactly always new, opening up a path less traveled to a broader audience.

I suppose we all desire that uniqueness. Innovative work is hard work. Stories never write themselves even if we sometimes wish they did.


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One Response to The Internet Returns: creativity rant

  1. Yes…this a big question that I’ve thought of too. I can be applied to all art, as much as photography, as much as drawing and painting. I think…it all comes down to the genuineness of the passion, the inspiration. There lies the originality, in the core of inspiration. I think….we cannot help but to be influenced by the art others, especially when we expose ourselves to so much of it. Sometimes I wonder, just how much music can we produce, how much photography can we take, how many paintings we can paint, until we eventually get disinterested , tired of basically seeing/reading/hearing the same things with slight variations. There are so many dungeons & dragons type stories, love stories, war stories, sci fi stories… they all share a common sequence of events, yet they (almost) all shine in their very unique way.
    But sometimes, just sometimes, an artist will “blaze a new trail” with something that eyes have never seen, ears never heard, fingers never touched, and the possibility of that happening probably kills each and every one of us softly :)

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