Things that go Bump in the Light

Summer has officially arrived in Sweden, and for me personally that tends to entail a lot less of the sun worshipping that my fellow countrymen and women practise with such fervour. To say that I enjoy Summer as much as any other person, would simply not be true. That does not mean that I dislike it. Truthfully, though, I will admit to being more of an Autumn kind of person with romantic notions about Winter that don’t quite match the reality of things.

What, then, is it about summer fanaticism that disagree with me? Well, as my fellow Autumn folk might have guessed, it is the abundance of light. Now, here in Sweden we don’t really see the sun that much for most of the year so I can understand the zeal with which some worship the sun here. For me though, having only a few hours of darkness (or zero for those who live all the way up north) is problematic.

I am currently unable to do much about the temperature indoors, which in conjunction with the absurd amount of daylight mentioned above means that my sleep suffers greatly during Summer. Part of this is my own fault, instead of savouring the scarce darkness in a lucid state I could sleep, could being the operative word.

So there you have it, the reasons Summer spells blackout curtains, cold showers, and sleep deprevation for this particular Night Owl.

PS. Don’t forget sun block when you’re out and about! Sun damage is dangerous and permanent. DS.


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2 Responses to Things that go Bump in the Light

  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Ah, I hear you! Winter without snow is much more depressing than winter without. When there’s a more or less permanent blanket of snow it illuminates the evenings. Especially beautiful on nights with strong moonlight, there’s an additional argument perhaps? : ) A romantic midnight stroll in a city / forest / countryside that glows silver-blue.

  2. Andy says:

    I’m further south than you, being in England, but I’m no sun lover either. My favourite season is winter, and I’m not happy that we haven’t had much snow of note for the last three years.
    I’ve tried to talk my other half into moving further north, but she’s having none of it!

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