I remember

Sometimes, when I close my eyes and surrender to the endless current that flows through me I remember.
What I remember I recall in sensory impressions, a distorted image, a scent, a sound, or even touch.
I remember the staircase of my childhood home,
the kitchen, the playroom, the basement and the river beyond the garden.
Recollections from my own life, but when I surrender the current takes me further back than the moment of my birth.
I remember gripping a massive oar with calloused hands,
the reverberating beat of a massive drum.
I remember mountains, plummeting into the fjord below,
the rush of wind, the spray of the sea.
When I close my eyes these things call to me.
But what speaks to me most of all, are the very things I cannot seem to fully recall.
I dream, the same recurring dream,
of a thunder-ridden sky, a roaring fire, a dancing shaman, the beat of a drum,
running through the downpour, failing torch in hand, spear in the other.
I dream, the same recurring dream,
a great two-horned stag, and the adrenaline of the hunt.
All of this I remember,
but not yet who I was.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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  1. Fredrik Kayser says:

    Thank you

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