Kitchens, a brief rant

I am normally not the kind of person that obsesses over materialistic things, but there are certain things I do put enormous value in. For me, a nice kitchen can make or break a home. A house with a messy kitchen that does not feel clean, no thank you.

It should be mentioned that I am not the kind of person that spends more time in a kitchen than it takes to make a standard meal of affordable variety, but nevertheless, there is something about a good kitchen.

The perfect kitchen would be a tidy blend of old meets new. Stone floor and work areas, darker tones for the wood of the cabinets and drawers, an old wooden table to sit down at, and appropriate lighting as well as modern utilities. Now, I certainly do not have the kind of capital that would allow a fully mordernised kitchen designed in accordance to my personal tastes – but a man can dream, no?


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