100 words: Execution

About: This is a response to a challenge issued to me. Write a 100-word story consisting of only monosyllabic words. There’s only once catch – each word can only be used once. Repetitions not allowed. I found it surprisingly frustrating! Certainly had me scratching my head! You guys should give it a shot too. : )

You took her from me. So I’ll take my due – cut and carve, until no more is left. Bones will break, hearts must weep, pain the toll paid by those we reap. Fear us, Filth, love’s ghost and I. On our souls, an oath to keep, you must die. Thine heart burns with zeal, but that kind of faith… a curse. It’ll aid this blade, slake its thirst… for blood.

Lo, snakes now coil ’bout your soul. Their name, fear. Noose tight ’round weak neck… squirm, moan, cry. Bleed, feel each drop leave as time has come…

Death tolls.


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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One Response to 100 words: Execution

  1. Grace says:

    I’m the challenger hahaha! Here is mine:

    Your scent still drafts through the room, trace smells, lily, rose, musk drowned in sweat. It shan’t last, just like our oath. Big crush at first, such sweet start, hushed shift to be his tart. It’s hard to lie, play a fool, feel taint rub my back each night. That round bump, wet kiss, makes me see red too many times. O’er neck I press, till veins pop no more. Now young one is gone, and both of you move on from this dark world. I’m bound for man’s worst, but freed.

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