Five Years

Recently got my five years with WordPress notification and I find myself asking if it really has been that long. In my ears it sounds like more time than it feels. I am perhaps not the most consistent of bloggers when it comes down to it, but that has more to do with absentmindedness rather than inconsistent writing.

Five years, much is different while little has changed. I suspect that is how it goes for most of us. Old problems grow older as new ones are born, it’s almost comforting, haha! There is a lot of good too, so much of it in fact that I find myself writing less – well, a half-truth. I feel the itch to write becoming less potent. I have, however, convinced myself that the itch will return tenfold eventually.

I’d like to offer my humble and somewhat rambling appreciation to you, dear readers. I am glad to have you on for the ride.

Here’s to old habits, shared thoughts, and inconsistent blogging! Cheers!


About Fredrik Kayser

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