A bottle of Sake

I am sure there are many things that pair well with a pensive mood. Light, or a lack thereof, to set the tone, or perhaps the right tunes to touch your spirit. Speaking of spirit, it is true that we often find philosophy in brew. 

While I appreciate a good stout,  the tragedy is never finding it without. Inhibition holds the key, but honesty sets free the heart. Liquid courage is too cruel a prophet, for an honest heart.

I feel there should be music to go with the mood. What better way to think than listening to emotion? Music that speaks to a person’s desire, to see with one’s ears, and be inspired.

There is bliss in finding the courage to be honest. It lies beyond the fear we rock in a cradle built with doubt.

The secrets held by a bottle of sake may be many. But when you pour the universe into a bowl, the answers will always be too small. 


About Fredrik Kayser

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