A Poet’s Respite

Greetings and well met, you who share the same affliction as I.
I fear I cannot offer true sanctuary, only a moment of respite.
Do not take me for a fool, a madman yes, but never a fool!
I see them behind your eyes, the words that never come out.
Fear not, for you are not the only one who is damned.
Oh, dear poet, rest assured.
I see the words, they are in your blood ~
and you wear them like crimson tattoos.
We are all branded by iron heated in the flames of creativity.
The silence that haunts you, I too am intimate with its horrors.
When insanity grabs a hold of your mind, all you have to do ~
is remember that there is nothing more to writing,
than bleeding out the words boiling in your blood.
So come! Join me as I dance with all of the whispering ghosts,
we so naively call inspiration.2015-04-umbrella-guy-rain


About Fredrik Kayser

Everything is connected.
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