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Spring Morning

I see before me a river valley, Framed by cloud-piercing mountains. I stand just above the tree-line, Breathing cold, thin air. With snow that never melts, underneath my feet ~ I gaze down at spring, in full bloom. Yet just … Continue reading

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Good morning

Stifling another yawn, Almost. A tentative hint of sunlight, Finds its way though frosty window. Fuck me it’s cold. Get out of bed, You’ve got work to do. Nope, don’t want to. Another half-stifled yawn, While water escapes through eyes … Continue reading

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Bus stop

Black winter coat, snowfall In the morn. Rough fabric, covering Throat and neck. A man standing watch In anticipation of the dawn. Vigilant eyes wander Eyes that know the darkness. Silence is sovereign. Winter morning silver Discarded diamonds on the … Continue reading

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It Dawned Upon Me.

When time suddenly slowed to a halt, so did I. I looked up and realised what was transpiring. Dawn. Before my eyes the swirling mist rose from the ground and performed its dance of greeting. Why are we always so … Continue reading

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